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I've had mixed results with Brisket, its a challenge for me ... been avoiding it after my last attempt but this weekend here I go. I picked up a flat that's almost 10 lbs, very even thickness. The last one I did was a packer and the burnt ends were a hit, the sliced flat not so. I plan to really slow smoke so that I can watch progress and foil after 5-6 hours.Maybe 220-225f? Wondering if anyone ever made "burt ends" form a section of the flat. Since this is so large I was wondering ....
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You can make Faux Burnt ends from the flat. Like John says, you need the fat in the point to make them what they are.

IF you use the flat, the issue is determining doneness. Without the extra intramusclar flat, when you overcook the flat it will be dry.

It's not the fat on the outside that makes the BE from the point special, it's the intramuscular fat. Since it's almost 50/50 in the point (fat/meat) that's why they are great.

Served almost 400 people last night three full pans of BE and they were the hit of the show, people actually stood there eating them talking them up to others. It's fun watching people eat their first ones and "getting it".
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The brisket after dropping over 20 degrees, rose slowly for a few hour. Once it got to around 175 I foiled it, bumped it up to 240, and a few hours later it hit 190. It still was not very tender. I ended up taking it to 200 (12 hours exactly), pulled it out and let rest for 1/2 hour. It was perfect, sliceable and tender. One corner that was thinner fell apart but all in all the best I've ever done. I won't be avoiding these anymore.

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