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Since getting the Smokette, have had great results with ribs... good results with chicken... but less than great brisket results.

Did two nice flat briskets from Sam's Club today, about 5.5 lbs each. Used a favorite dry rub. Placed one on the middle and one on the upper rack. Started them last night at midnight, set just under 225 degres.

This morning, to my surprise, came out at 9am and found the lower at 206 internal, the upper at 196. Only 9 hours. thought it would take at least 12. Took them both off. While the upper was pretty good, the lower suffered from a malady I experienced before: The bottom of it was a bit tough or overdone.
Has anyone else seen this... the lower piece of meat getting overdone from the rising heat? When I did ribs recently, also using the middle and upper rack, I put a piece of foil lightly on the lower rack, to sort of difuse the rising heat. Did not see the problem when I did that.

Anyway, thought I would ask. Can't imagine using all 3 racks for anything... seems the bottom would get toasted fast. Maybe the answer is rotating racks every couple of hours?

Thanks for any ideas.
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Yeh,Woodburner,you definitely need to rotate off that bottom rack for long cooks.I often just use it for beans and get all the drippings and smoke I can stand.I did do 3 7+lb. butts this weekend and rotated the top and bottom racks after about 7hrs.If I do 3 briskets,I always rotate and do some misting.I also did 16to17 lbs.spares this week,trimmed to about 13 lbs.St. Louis cut,and rotated them as needed at about 3 hrs.Good time to flip and mist with an apple juice&vinegar spray.

Good Q 2 Ya,Tom.

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