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I've got a 12.5 lb packer on the FEC100. I started it at 6:15AM at 170* temp and took it up to 250* at 3:15 PM this afternoon (after 9 hrs.) The packer is only at 165* now after 11 total hours (5:15PM). I'd like to eat before midnight. Any tips to finish this off without ruining it? Next time I'll take it up sooner Smiler!!
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The 170* was probably his smoke setting,for a few hrs,before he kicked it up to cook temp.

Nice to know folks are reading the forums and the FIND feature-before they finish the cook. Big Grin

The 165* was close to getting thru the plateau,and then the internal temp would have risen much faster.

As Freddy posted,in an emergency,you can get it to temp in just a few minutes.

A comp cook has to turn SOMETHING in ,on time,or be disqualified.

A vendor/caterer may also face that situation.

Not the planned approach,but can produce some product in emergencies.

We find that choice packers ,a couple lbs heavier than that,take around 70 mins/lb.

Hope this helps a little.
I think you guys recommended 5-6 hours at the low temp. I took it a little further as it seemed to be cooking so fast in the begining and I was worrying about it finishing too quick.

Anyway, here's the conclusion:

I foiled it and added a little broth. The brisket finished at 10:15PM. I took it to 200* because the Thermapen was not sliding through easily until then. I wasn't hungry anymore so I put it in the fidge and sliced it up this morning. Reheated for lunch today and had some guests too. Overall very good. Even the drier pieces popped back to life with a little juice from the pan I foiled in. Next time less low temp, and I hope to try it warm instead of reheating.

The other thing to do is use the features of the IQ4 to help you. It's mentioned in a number of posts, but keep an eye out for it.

Basically you set the smoker temp and duration for what you want for smoke, say 180 @ 6 hours.

then when it hits the time, set the "hold" temp to your normal cooking temp.

That way, you start it the night before and it will finish during the day.
Oh yeah I'm familiar with the cook and hold settings and used them on my two cooks thus far.

I had a long and hard debate with myself on starting it the night before or starting it early the next morning. I was worried if it finished on the early side, I'd be challenged to keep in warm in the cooler until dinner time.

I made the wrong choice, but learned from it.

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