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Hello everyone, I need some brisket help. I have tried smoking 2 center cut flats about 5-6 lbs each, it is about all I can find here, small town. While the flavor has been great and the meat is fairly tender, it is too dry, at least for me. Cooked last flat at 210 for 6hrs to 165 then foiled with some apple juice and finished to 195. Any suggestions and has anyone brined and then smoked? Thanks to all, I have learned so much from all the great cooks here.
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Brining a brisket will give you corned beef.
Smoke it you get pastrami.

Lots of options, foiling works well for flats (not for me, but for others) Wink

Some will inject beef stock.

The KEY is the quality. Select brisket flats won't have much fat and WILL dry out. Choice will do better, more internal fat.

How did the last flat foiled/juice turn out?

Was there any fat on it, did you trim it?
Smoking FLATS is not that difficult as long as you put the fat on the TOP SIDE. I do (very much) agree with everyone else's advise tho. Packers are best. Ask your grocery manager to special order for you. I do it all the time - Especially when I want craw-dads (crayfish) from the bayou!
I'm no expert,but I have cooked a few cases -over the years.

Some good,and some less good.

Like Smokin says,the grade of flat you buy is THE biggest indicator.

Like GLH says,start checking it earlier.

The poke test with your probe,or a long meat fork is critical.

I have had some CAB s,that must have been on the high/prime side that came tender at 183*.

I've cooked some that were cutters/ungraded that wouldn't come tender at 210*.

Chop it for sandwiches,or make chili.

If you really want to foil,and have to cook those little flats,paint them with some red sauce of choice,a couple TBSP worcestershire sauce,a couple TBSP liquid margarine,1/4 cup beef broth .

When you pull them,let them set in the hot box for about 3 hrs in the foil.

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