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So I done a brisket or two over the years and even one in my PG..

I've always put the fat side twords the heat.

I don't remember what I did on the PG but I'm guessing fat down.

So the question is, if your brisket is setting in zone 4 (with the heat falling from above) which side should be up?

Has anyone done any experiments or cooked enough brisket to know?

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Yes, I have done one in my PG. And here is my philosophy granted I am no way an expert in briskets. The hottest zones in order are 1,2,3,4 and 5 the warming drawer. So if your brisket is fat side down it's sitting in the coolest zone. Why is that important? Well for me I want that fat to render. Flipping the brisket to fat side up puts in a warmer zone and when the fat melts you're "self basting" that meat. Now I am sure others have opinions and thats just mine. It really depends on the location of your heat source and you're preference. Good luck!
Rendered fat will just drip off, it doesn't self baste, in my humble opinion. In the PG500, cooking in zone 4, it has indirect heat. Which doesn't make the fat as an insulator come into play as much as it would if you are cooking on direct, FEC100.

It should build better bark with the fat down, but as Smokin' has always taught the forum, it's best to do one both ways and keep good notes on what works the best for your individual needs. Wink
I'm always fat up.
I know many say that the fat doesn't baste the meat but that's not true - very simply, just read the definition of baste.
Now does it add moisture to the meat? That's the real question most are really asking fat up or down and I don't care. I like that the meat gets basted in it's own juices and whether or not that effects the meats overall moisture level it does add flavor and that's what I am after, a flavorful product regardless of how moist it is.

That's my .02 worth.

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