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what i have been doing lately is adding my beef rub to one can of salt free beef broth. i bring it to a simmer, turn off the heat and let it sit for 30 mins. then i strain and and cool it before injecting. while it hasnt improved my yeild on packer briskets it does impart a little more flavor but not what i would call a lot.
mentally i have been playing around with the idea of using a premium grade of extra virgin olive oil and steeping garlic and rosemary in it and using that for injecting but so far it is just a mental exercise.
hope this helps some
I've been thinking of trying the garlic, rosemary,and oil mix myself. Didn't know if it had been tried or if there were others out there that have done something near that. I'm doing a brisket by request for some business clients for Monday. One is from Texas and that was her pick of meat. So for the first time I'm doing brisket for a experianced eater.
Another question I have, I was thinking of using Montreal steak seansoning for the rub but have some concerns that the high amount of salt if I rub it a day before will dry the meat out.
Bill - Montreal Steak Seasoning is ALL I will use on my briskets & beef ribs. Everyone seems to really love the flavor and no one has ever said it was salty. I have rubbed them the nite before and let sit or right before I put one in my 008 and dont recall any differences or a dryness on the overnite one. I have been on a salt-free kick for many months and I dont even notice the salt in it. My $00.02 worth is... you will like it if you like garlic & cracked pepper.

I can remember watching my grandmother prepare brisket for sunday suppers..and how she would show me the importance of braising the meat slowly in a strong broth. I still like to prepare brisket the way she did and have never been dissapointed with the results of the "stove-top" method that she used.
Now, when I prepare a brisket in the Smokette, I just let the CS do all the work for me .........between the wood and the rub...I've never needed to inject with least not for flavor. And the Smokette does a great job of keeping it moist..but like Cadillac said "just my .o2 worth". rub/refrigerate/smoke/salt+pepper+compound butter....enjoy!!!!!
I have ingested some of every brisket I ever cooked. lol Sorry.. couldnt help it. I have not injected my briskets. I tried it with a butt once and didnt see any difference so I never went further with it. If I do try it in the future (and I AM curious now) I will post my thoughts on it.

My thoughts are that beef is way to good to try and change the flavor. Unless you are talking Mongolian beef!

I will marinade but not inject with the marinade. That little added flavor around the edges of a piece of sliced beef complimments the beef taste wonderfully. I like mixing Montreal seasoning with whorchester, a little olive oil, and a touch of soy sauce. This is pretty tastey combo, but I dont think I would want it injected all the way through the piece of meat.

Beef, to me, is for lightly dipping in an au ju or other sauce/ gravey.
I second that au jus idea!

Also, mix the deckel meat with the flat so that there is some juicier meat in with the flat - I have put bacon strips on my 12 lb briskets in the crease where I have to fold the flat under to make it fit my smokette. not sure it helps much but the boyz are really impressed with that :-)

I use hot beef broth with the sandwiches, and put a couple of tablespoons at the bottom of the vacuum pac bag for any left-overs. Put the meat on top and the vacuum sucks it evenly through the meat...

But the seasoned oil injection idea deserves a try...jeff
Originally posted by prisonchef313:
[qb] bill,
what i have been doing lately is adding my beef rub to one can of salt free beef broth. i bring it to a simmer, turn off the heat and let it sit for 30 mins. then i strain and and cool it before injecting.
jack [/qb]
When I went to the butcher shop a couple of weeks ago, I bought a cryovac'd flat. I cooked it this weekend. I started out yesterday afternoon by rubbing it liberally with Wizard's BBQ Kickin' Beef Rub. I let it sit overnight in the 'fridge. The flat had been over-trimmed, and didn't have a lot of fat, so i decided to try injecting it. I used Jack's suggestion and I took a can of fat free, low sodium beef broth, added a couple of tablespoons of rub and a clove of garlic and brought them to a simmer. I then strained it and let it sit in the 'fridge overnight. In the morning, I took the brisket and liquid out of the fridge while preheating the Smokette. I injected the brisket with the broth mixture and put it in the Smokette with some White Oak. I cooked it at 225 until the internal temp was 190, foiled, toweled and coolered for an hour. When I sliced it, it was nice an moist, and had a great flavor. The Wizard's rub had a nice heat to it.

I took some Blues Hog sauce and thinned it with some of the broth mixture and heated that and served the brisket with that sauce on the side. I also made some hash browns and our Kentucky Fried Chicken knock-off cole slaw recipe.

Every time I cook, I learn something and the results get better. This was the best brisket I've made so far.

Thanks for the idea, Jack!
Sorry for not following through on my last post. Monday I was cooking for a high end client from Texas. Her request was brisket. I took some extra virgin olive oil, crushed garlic, rosemary and simmered /strained. Mr Brisket had spent that last night rubbed in Montrel steak seasoning. I injected and smoked 1.5 per at 225. OUTSTANDING!
As mentioned before brisket, beef has a nice enough flavor without additives but I can see many possibilites here with other cuts.
bill,despite your rather poor taste in football teams,as my 1st post i'll give you my recipe for innoculatin'brisket!2 shot glass makers mark,2 shot glass apple cider vineger.6 deseeded chipolte peppers.heat gently till verey soft and into the processer.strain and stick.i get my chiles at a little mex store behind the philly cheesesteak place on bay to the bins of chiles till you smell that made for briskit smokey aroma.please leave a few for me!!!!!they have a nice selection of chiles that de-seeded and groung make for a nice rub also.
redskins rule baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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