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On the average deer the "brisket" is not thick enough or large enough to cook and serve like a beef.

However, consider this. (I've experimented and done this successfully several times before I got my cookshack and several times after.) When butchering your deer remove the meet behind the shoulder and over the rib area by cutting along the surface of the ribs. Include any meat that runs down to the center of the chest. You come up with a "sheet" like piece that I'm guessing is about 24 inches X 12 and rarely more than an inch thick. In this piece there is a lot of connective tissue and layering. (I also like to quick cure and then smoke this and slice thin for my "bacon")

Rub both sides of this. Find some butchers string or equivalent. Now roll this sheet of meat up into a log and tie it tightly with the string. Into the smoker it goes for a slow cook up to your favorite brisquet temperature.

You will be amazed at how great it tastes and how tender it becomes. Of course it isn't going to look like brisquit but like so many parts of the deer that usually get ground up into sausage it provides a great alternative to mindless grinding.

Don't forget to do a whole neck like you would a butt for some of the most amazing "pulled venison" you've every had.

Well, I love this idea and was soooo looking forward to trying it. I shot four deer this year. Two were gut hit, one not my fault; the bullet fragmented. FWIW, I'm working up new loads for this fall. Anyhow, I did save two of the "rib roll-ups" and haven't had a chance to smoke them. The meat is frozen, and on the list to smoke.

Also, in a bit of an experiment: Since so many people say to cut away all the deer fat, I was a bit leary about smoking this piece of meat. So, in the mean time I made some ground venison and added 10% venison back fat instead of the usual beef fat, to see how I'd like it. And you know what? I really like it because it tastes like venison and not venison with beef!!!

So, having done that, I'm much more interested to try the venison ribs I saved as well as the rib meat as described in this post.

I still plan to update the thread with the results. And I appreciate your thoughts and suggestions!!
I use the deer fat when making burger and sausage. I like to keep it 100% venison. I know that by adding beef fat or pork fat I can make a blended product that will taste more like beef or pork... but that's what beef and pork are for.

When I'm feeling a little primitive I'll render some deer fat and use it for waterproofing boots.. and even for patch lube for my 50 caliber sidelock.

Smokin' must be working early this morning,so I'll toss out this thought.

If we want people to be able to find any of this good info in the search,we might want to start a new thread.

The thread starts out with BRISKET,and we identified there is zero connection.

We're now covering uses for venison,and might ought to be in a venison thread.

Just my $0.02

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