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I smoked a 20-pound brisket on Sunday (05-27/28-23).  I had family in town for my daughter’s high school graduation.  This was my first brisket on the SM066 smoker.

Cook time was 12 hours and 45 minutes and the brisket was held at 150 degrees for six hours.  Start time was 2300 on 05-27-23.  The smoker temperature was set to 180 degrees for an overnight cook.  I used 4 ounces of hickory and salt, pepper, garlic, and paprika rub.

I checked on the brisket at 0545 and the meat temperature was 140 degrees, so I bumped up the smoker temperature to 250 degrees.  At 0800 the brisket temperature was 173 degrees, and the bark was set, so I pulled and wrapped.

After wrapping, the smoker temperature probe was reading incorrectly.  It showed the brisket temperature at 166 degrees and my Therma pen showed 170 degrees.  The smoker probe never recovered. 

I pulled the brisket at 1145 because the brisket temperature was 193-199 degrees. I placed the brisket in an aluminum pan with a ½ cup of water in the bottom, foil wrapped the top and placed back in the smoker at 150 degrees to hold.  I held the brisket until 1800.

It worked amazingly well minus the issue with the probe.  When I pulled the brisket, it probed at 150 degrees.  The brisket was tender and smokey.

The end pieces of the flat were moist but had too much pull for me.  The interior pieces of the flat and the point were spot on.

I had a few leftovers.  They were refrigerated and warmed the next day.  The smoke flavor was more pronounced and just as juicy.

I may start smoking all my cooks the day before then vacuum sealing and reheating with the Sous Vide at 150 degrees for 2 hours.

brisket cutbrisket final


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Thanks Sarge.

I'm always over-critical of myself on these things.  Everyone that ate it said it was delicious.  I only had one little piece and waited for the next day.  I think it was better the day after.

This was a good run for the SM066.  4 ounces of hickory did the trick for the smoke.  Next time, I think I will thrown one piece of Kingsford Blue with the wood and see if I can darken up the bark a little more.  I saw a guy on You Tube who has an SM066.  He threw in 2 chunks of wood and two pieces of charcoal.  His brisket was the bomb.

I'm not going to wrap next time.  I will be 225 degrees all the way.

Thanks again.

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