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Hi BBQ gal.

Did you have the hole punched in the foil liner at bottom of the Smokette? Did you open the door during the cook? What temp did you cook at? How big was the butt? I think at 165*, it was in a plateau when you took it out. Next time, try starting out at a higher temp, adjust the wood according to how smoky this one was, let it go until it hits 195*, regardless of how long it takes, let rest 30 minutes, shred with forks.

The flat will be to dry if you cook it at too low a temp, and might be anyhow because of the small mass and low fat content. Try putting pork fat of some kind on top and cook at 250* until it reaches 185*, then rest and slice across the grain of the meat, as thin as possible.

Welcome to the forum!

I have cooked flats in my smoker and sliced thin after an overnight refrigeration....It concentrats the flavor, goes well with fruit and wine.!! Makes a nice snack.

Cook the flats to 185 let rest, it will proably climb to 190.......set in fridge over night, then slice thin the next day and serve.....

When I cook butts, It usually takes me 16 hours with the temp set at 225....sometimes I'll crank it up to 250 just to get it finished.

BBQ GAL, what temp were you set at??

Like the good cooks above said.

One other choice is smoke at 250*,until 160*-165* internal after an overnight marinade in Zesty Italian,or worcestershire.

Lay on double foil and paint with bbq sauce of choice,lay a sliced onion on top.

Add as much losalt beef broth as it will hold.

Cook to 200*,let rest an hour,and chop for beef sandwiches.

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