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I'm a newbie and am going to try brisket today on my newly purchased 055. I did some bone in chicken breasts last night that took about 1 1/2 hours at 225 with one oz hickory. Put thermometer in them and temp was low. Candy thermometer and not sure if it was reading right. Put them back in for maybe 20 minutes at 250 and my wife absolutely loved em. Super moist. So my wife tells me she bought a brisket at local grocery store. I pulled it out of the fridge and it was only around 2.13 lbs. Cost of 3.79/lbs. I thought that they must have given her a small flat. Seemed expensive but this is Cali. Opened it up and saw that part of it was cut off. Looks like a thick steak with fat on each side. Think this may just be a waste of time and she thinks maybe we should just throw it in a crockpot. However, looked through brisket archives and saw a post regarding a 3 1/2 lbs flat. It said smoke at 225, take it out when internal temp hits 160-175, foil it and add some low salt beef broth, and put back in smoker until it reaches 190 and let sit in cooler for 15 minutes. Am I just going to be wasting my time with this small cut of meat? How long is it going to take to hit 190? What do you all think I should do? If I'm going to do this, I need to head down to the store and see if I can find a thermometer with a wire that comes out of the vent. I also saw 1 1/2 hrs/lbs but this definetly doesn't seem long enough. Thanks
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Sounds like it could have been one of my posts.

A brisket takes until it gets there.

What you have is probably the single most difficult cut to get right in the world of bbq.

How long until kids mature and become responsible and make you thrilled they are yours?

Is it a small piece cut from a 20 yr old range bull,or a yearling Kobe?

Maybe 185�,maybe 205�?

A purely WAG will be less than six hrs.

Now is it done ,or good?

That's the fun of briskets. Big Grin

If you don't find a remote probe therm,try to stick a long tined fork through it at 5 hrs.

If it stays on the fork,it isn't done.

If it slides in and out easily,maybe. Wink

Have fun,don't worry.
Tom, thanks for the reply! I just picked up a Maverick ET-73 thermometer at BBQ Galore as well as a bag of apple wood. Will probably use a little hickory but mostly apple as the hickory on the chicken last night seemed a little over-powering for my liking. Saw some posts on the Maverick and it seems pretty cool. Got the transmitter with the wires for both meat temp and smoker temp (so it would be good for my regular gas grill too) as well as the wireless receiver that I can sit right next to my barber chair and observe while I drink some cold pops in the comfort of my home!! Wish it worked down the street at the local pub! That would be sweet!!!!! If I could invent something like that, I'd be a millionaire (Maybe have the cell phone page me when the temp reaches the right temp???). Wife suggested we go back to the store and get a larger brisket but I said let's just experiment with what we have, go by internal temp, see what happens, and keep notes. It's done when it's done!!!! I'm gonna foil it though and add some broth at some point, probably around 160 internal temp since it's so small. Let you know how it turns out. Thanks again. This is alot of fun. Smoke On!!!

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