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Courtesy, a comp cook from Basso's forum.

As if brisket prices aren't high enough,now all the ladies will be switching from chicken breast. Roll Eyes

Dueling Bubbas

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Beef News
Healthy 'depots' offer new option for marketing beef brisket: study

A Texas A and M study has found that beef brisket contains "depots," or tiny reservoirs, of healthy monounsaturated fatty acids.

Those found in beef brisket may not be quite as rich a resource of monounsaturated fatty acids as oils like olive or canola, which contain 70 percent to 80 percent oleic acid.

"However, the fat in beef brisket from corn-fed steers contains nearly 50 percent oleic acid, and oleic acid increases the longer cattle are fed a corn-based diet," Stephen Smith, a Texas AgriLife Research meat scientist and a professor in A and M's department of animal science, said in a college news service report.

A and M animal science graduate student, who said the findings could change how meat processors market brisket by offering a more nutritious ground product than others currently sold in retail grocery outlets.

"We found the brisket to be the most healthful area of the carcass," Turk said. "The brisket in the southern parts of the United States is a well-known product. However, in the midwestern and eastern parts, briskets might be used for corned beef products and the rest shipped to the southern states. Processors could use this idea to utilize the brisket for a healthier ground product."

Turk noted that this would give processors an opportunity to place a premium on ground brisket.
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If you are actually a member, you should have noted that many threads that CS failed to archive here on the Forum format transition are many years old. Look carefully for the date in faint type in the lower left of the post you reply to, and pay attention to the start date on the thread you are replying on. CS made a huge mistake, but we as Forum contributors don't need to keep compounding it.

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