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Since there had been lots of discussion about Franklin's Brisket from Austin,I thought this might be of interest to the forum.

This is CERTAINLY NOT meant to take the place of Smokin'Okie's Brisket 101 and the Brisket forums.I have posted a number of different techniques over the years that might be interesting,or we might just pick up a tip,or two.

Beginners should definitely focus on Smokin's ,as it relates more to our cookers and cooks.

Youtube from Austin has offered a series on Franklin's and after you click on the first one,it will give you a thumbnail on the rest of the series.

I enjoy that he is serious,without taking himself too serious. Big Grin

Briskets with Franklin
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On the few food shows I have seen him on, I have always admired him. Thanks for the post. I have just finished watching his brisket videos. So simple, and you always hear people rave about his brisket.

He is definetly an interesting charachter. I plan on watching the rest of his series. I learned a few tips from his brisket technique in carving and cooking.

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