I can't believe I just did this...

The latch for the front door on my Cookshack Smoker was getting hard to operate. So - I finally got around to buying some WD-40... but when I sprayed it on, and tried to "work it in"... I forced the latch, and the latch pin sheared clean off.

Now I have no way of securing the door shut while I use the smoker.

Does Cookshack offer a replacement part??

... I can't believe I just did this. DOH!!!
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I did the same thing to my old 008 back in the fall. Door went from smooth opening to stiff to broken in about two days. Even though mine was sitting outside for 6 years and had about 1200 cooks on it, you'd just think it would have held up better. Roll Eyes

I took a grinder to the spot welds on the top and bottom of the hinge, drove out the hinge pins, and then used an "L" shaped piece of SS rod from Lowes to make a replacement hinge pin. Cost about $6 and should be good for another 1200 cooks.
That sucks, I'm sure CS will help out. This reminds me that I did read in the owners manual that once a year use a couple drops of machine oil on the latch and hinges. Now it makes a little more sense. Sorry for your troubles, but it may help other folks.
I wound up taking a propane torch, heating up the hinge and pin, and was finally able to drive out the sheared pin with a hammer and punch.

Once removed - I replaced it with a 3.5" long x 0.25" stainless steel threaded bolt and locking nut.

Good as new!!
Originally posted by Tom:
Guess you survived the move and are back to an easy life,and getting wealthy on cooking bbq. Wink

Yes I survived the move, barely. Then my pig cooker was stolen on Jan. 25th, but I was too tired to care. Insurance covered it and I ordered a new cooker last week. So, while I will be cooking this summer, I am afraid the days of easy money and leisure are still a ways off for me. We can't all live your life. Big Grin

But dogs really like the way I smell after cooking a few hundred butts, so I've got that going for me.......

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