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Like Max says.Think about what you are starting with and what you are trying to end up with.
Point is typically tossed in the ground beef barrel and sold as burgers,where the flat should be like a top sirloin steak.

You can take a piece of pork tenderloin and you could utilize it for a bacon,lettuce,tomato sandwich.

Would you really want to cook thin sliced tenderloin for several hrs?
A great ,quick cooked meat would certainly be changed from what you are used to.
You could put it on the sandwich,just as some folks use poultry breast-because they don't eat pork?

Just a couple thoughts.
Can you? Yes. Probably is they'll dry out. I saw an episode of Diners Driveins and Dive about a place in Virigina that just does what you're describing and puts in a BUNCH of sauce to cook. Comes out looking like chopped beef. It's not BE.

The extra fat and how it renders is key to making a BE.

But... as I always say, give it a try. It might give you what you want.

In the restaurant we'll be using the point only (I had the above discussion with the team on why the point only)
Yeah! Don't know of very many beef parts that can give you a greasy heavenly taste and you can still get it very tender. Point does seem to work well when cooked correctly. Burnt ends should have some candied bark.

Must be a reason that they are the first product that is sold out in most KC joints, come early if you want any.

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