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Just put my first ever butt in. I put my rub on last night, I went with Bobby Que's rub from searching pork butt rubs. I will try others and post the results. I put the 10lb butt in at 9:00 pm. I an using approx 5 oz of apple wood, temp set at 190 de,and figure 1.5 hours per pound. I have attached some pics as promised from my last to post. A couple of the pics my come in handy if someone wants to know how to foil the box and bottom and the timer. I hope I have those two right. In closing, I would like to personally thank everyone on this forum. I have had my 09 for 2 weeks and I have never been so happy with anything like this before. (Except the birth of my daughter) Thanks Again!
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hehehe...looks like you are doing a great job so far!

I am thinking you should start a pork butt at least at the temp at which you plan on pulling out of the smoker,(sorry about all the at's), but maybe you plan on pulling at 190*F.

I usually try to get it to 205*F for pulling, especially a larger hunk of hog. Some do 180*F and slice.

You might decide to crank it up full blast during the plateau when you rise come morn.

Keep us aprised.

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