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A huge congratulations goes out to Craig Scheer and Randy Appelgren for winning the Cabela's contest this weekend. But even more importantly they won all 4 kcbs catagories and the wild game catagory. They won the grand prize by 40 some points and for the first time ever in kcbs history they won all 4 catagories.

Great job Craig and Randy and congratulations. Thanks for making us FE owners and builders proud.
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Wow! Congratulations to Craig and Randy! You will be in history books for winning all four categories!

I know I speak for everyone at Cookshack when I say how proud we are of you.


PS BTW, the FEC100 makes history again. The first time was last fall when England's Mad Cows BBQ team won the Jack Daniels -- first time win for a team from outside the USA.
Thank's for the kind words. Lots of credit goes to the F.E. class, the FE100, and the Bavarian big dog. We had a great time. I think smokinman is still in shock. It was my 1st time on my own (3rd total) and Craigs 1st ever contest.

If anyone in ponca gets a spare minute, please go over and thank the folks down the street at head country. I met Paul Schatte in great bend KS. and he allowed me to observe and pester him with questions. I picked up some real helpful stuff from him.

Thanks again

Stone Blue BBQ
It was an awesome experience especially since I totaled my vehicle the day before going to get my FE. Like I told Randy, the cook must go on.

Roger, no, Bobby didn't make it. It was kind of too bad because we didn't have anyone to hold the chair down. Wink

The team including Randy, myself,his daughter and her boyfriend. The 2 gentlemen on the ends were reps from Cabelas.

All 5 1st place trophies and the Grand Champion.

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