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I just finished a brisket and added 2 5lb whole pork loins and one reads 159 and the other 164. The higher probe is wrong as I noticed it from the brisket but come on, 3 hours? Can this be true? Is it because there is no bone? I was expecting about 10 hours.

Help, can I pull this out in about 4 more degrees?
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I wish I read the forum first. I have a roaster that I cooked a loin at 200 for about 6 hours and it pulled great. Not int he CS Smoker. You just can't smoke one of these bad boys. It looks like it's only for the nesco roaster for whole loins and the grill for tenderloins.


What will the loin be good in? I was thinking of shreading it for mexican food r tacos.

Any other ideas?
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I think the pork loins are a leaner meat, and should be treated more like a roast or a steak... meaning cooking to med or med-rare, rather than to a "pullable" temp. That is, cooking to 135-140 versus cooking to 200. The briskets and butts have the fat and collagen that allow us to take em up to 200 and stay juicy. Not so for the loins. Now, you can grill that, roast it or smoke it... just depends on how you like the seasoning and taste, and outside "bark" results.

I'm sure you've come up with some ideas by now.

If the loin was cooked low enough you might still have some good meat there.

You could try slicing it,put it back in the Nesco with low salt chicken stock or a little apple juice.

Other approaches could be thin sliced as cold cut sandwiches,dressed well.

Green chili with pork,green chile pork stew,posole.

Add some to the leftover brisket and chicken in the freezer and make KY burgoo or brunswick stew.

Chopped pork enchiladas are always good.

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