I cook mainly in BBQ competitions. I replaced my offset smoker with an FEC100 and a CB36. Why the CB? Some of the things I cook took advantage of the higher heat near the firebox of the offset, and I wanted to recreate that with a pellet device.

After a few process adjustments I am now getting good results with both devices, except for one thing: I just can't cook in the rain with the CB.

The FEC with the cover is a tank. Rain, wind, snow? No problem. The CB pellet hold, however, gets water in it even during a light drizzle. Water on the pellets turns them into sawdust, and will put out the fire pot if enough gets in there. I assume it could lead to pelletcrete, but I vacuum out the hold if it gets wet, so hasn't been an issue yet.

To really use this as a competition device or a gas grill replacement, the pellet hold needs to be able to keep water out when the unit is used outdoors.

I am considering making a gasket or maybe silicon caulk seal for the hopper. Has anyone done something like this?

I really love the unit, but it has to be able to operate in damp conditions.
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I would talk directly with Stuart at CS. I've had similar issues and while not designed first for outdoors, it's certainly an aspect of the CB that needs to be enhanced.


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