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Not in a Cookshack. I use pellets for short or very low temp smokes. In a FE you're already using pellets so I'm not sure what advantage the chips give you.

Oh and Mike. If you hit the reply button (see below right) in your original post like we do when responding to you, you can keep your topic together instead of splitting it like you did here.

Chip are best for low smoke settings, they will ignite at lower temps than chunks.

At higher temps they'll just burn up fast and you won't get much smoke, and you'll have to refill it. Put too many in and you can actually REALLY oversmoke your food because they'll ignite quickly.
Cook the ribs at 250-260*, and the wood should throw off plenty of smoke. Pellets will burn off quickly, and you'll have to add more. Whatever floats your boat. If you get the end result you prefer, go for it.

I use pellets for short or low smoking. Salmon or sausages for low smoking. Steaks or chicken parts before they go on the grill. You can also chop the wood chunks into smaller pieces to obtain more smoke.

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