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The auger on my PG1000 got clogged.  The only way I could clear it out was to back off the screws that hold the pellet hopper.  I wasn't able to remove the hopper, but it somehow helped.  I put all the screws back, but now pellet pieces are dropping below into the area that houses the controller, fan and auger. 

These self taping screws don't see to allow precision assembly of the hopper to the feed chute.  Anyone have any ideas?

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There are two self-tapping screws inside the pellet hopper on this.  They are above the visible section of the auger on the burn chamber side of the hopper.  These screw into the chute that delivers pellets from the top of the auger to the burn pot.  If you removed all the screws from the hopper, you’d have removed these and the chute would have slipped down into the burn pot.  Push it back up and line up the holes, re-insert the screws and you should be good to go.

Jim C.



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