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Saw this on another forum, it may have been brought up here and i missed it, if so i apologize.

I have the cold smoke baffle for my smokette but I still find cheese getting to much heat at times. I don't own one of these but it looks like a good idea, heck you may be able to duplicate somewhat with a foil pan, some saw dust and the microtorch.
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You're right Dave, it certainly looks interesting. Moreso than I at first thought it would be.

It might, in fact, be more efficient to start that thing smoldering and plop it on the bottom shelf of a CS. I am "guessing" that it would generate less heat than a CS heating coil... though it certainly will generate some in a thermally confined space such as a CS.

And you'd have to see if the air draw it would require to continue smoking would be adequate through the relatively small bottom hole of the CS. If all is yes, then that would maybe simplify a cold smoke.

Otherwise, it seems you'd have to gimmick up a 'cold box' into which you would direct the cooler smoke...and if you're going to mess with all that, you could do that out of the vent hole of the CS. Somehow you've got to collect the resultant smoke and have it hang around your food for a fair period of time.

So, you buy one and play with it and I would seriously be interested in knowing if it has benefit. Though, "Maybe" a CS baffle and a bowl of ice cubes isn't so much trouble after all?
It does seem interesting,but I really wonder about the need for something like this in the new smokette, that starts the wood burning then goes to a set temp?

Last time I preheated my smoker for turkey and opened door after warmup ole man, it was great...smoke everywhere, reminded me of what it is like to have smoke all around and on everything, including me!!!

I too have been thinking about smoking cheese,but no baffle. My thoughts are trying to make a cheap foil wrapped shelve installed above internal probe and add a bowl on top that has block ice in it.Has anyone done this?

It appears that amazen has a limited type of dust..hickory only.If you try let us know what happens.

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