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Herewith photos of cold smoking DIY unit using Smokette as smoke generator. The plywood smoking cabinet is attached via rangehood ducting and can be four meters away from Smokette. The ducting is very flexible, so if needed, it can be routed through a container of ice, or just water. In Sydney we don't have an actual winter, and I want to cold smoke all year. Can email plans of ply smoker should anyone think it useful.


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So, with the vent (the white thing) at the top and the flexible tubing at the bottom, how much smoke is getting to the cold smoke chamber?

The amount of smoke is regulated by a movable "gate" inside, just under the top plastic vent. I am finding that the smoke entering can be kept inside the cabinet for long periods, even when the smokette isn't producing visible smoke. Currently I am smoking pork bellies to make what we call speck. I expect that it will take four to seven days. Early days yet though, this is its first test. I thought that I might have to attach a small, speed regulated fan at the top of the smokette to push the smoke into the cabinet if there isn't enough smoke movement, given the cabinet is lower than the source, but that doesn't seem to be a problem. My research of traditional cold smoking in European countries showed that thin, cold, intermittent smoking over long periods produces the typical flavours after long salting or brining the raw product. There is no temperature inside the cabinet (apart from the ambient temperature, currently 24º) . What is your view of not bringing the smoked product to an internal temperature Smokin ?
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