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Hi all, I had a good stash of Oak Ridge BBQ Black Ops Brisket Rub before they went belly up. Now I'm out. I'm looking for another good commercial brisket rub as a stand-alone on a whole packer (one in the SM-066 tonight). Not very spicy, but rich-tasting and contributing to a nice-flavored bark. All suggestions welcomed!

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My rub is a tad different Jay. Kosher salt, fresh ground pepper, garlic powder, occasionally onion powder, and brown sugar., well coated and let it sit for about an hour (the sugar will start to liquify and get messy sticky).  Simple rub I use for ribs, butts, brisket. Yes, the brown sugar is odd but the family loves it and the sugar does 'bark it up' a tad. If you try it maybe just a small rack to see if you like it before doing an expensive brisket.

Just a note on my brisket experience. Started a Sam's Choice Angus whole packer last night around 9 pm at 200 F in my AQ, about 12 lbs after trimming. I used up the last of my Oak Ridge Black Ops Brisket Rub. At around 9:30 this am (I'm not an early riser) I upped the heat to 225 F. The brisket hit 190 at just after 4 pm, and it tested done, tender overall and 190 - 196 on my thermapen. I FTC'd it for about three hours, and it was still hot enough for eating. I took off the point to freeze for burnt ends later, and sliced the flat - very juicy and tender, and quite tasty. Previously I had bought Sam's Prime brisket, but I don't think the extra money (not very much extra) is worth it, it was really very fatty. There was plenty of juice and fat left on the Choice Angus. I highly recommend it.

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Jay:  My go to for brisket is the  Wild Willys Number One-Derful Rub.  We have modified this over the years to suit our taste.  You could try the Albukirky Casa and Sweet red rub.  I have used it on other beef with good results.  I have started using the Kosmo's Q rubs and they aren't bad.  Wally World carries their 3 basic rubs, but they have lots of others. 

Jay:  I did a mix of my own that we actually like better than the Casa.  The Casa is basically a SPG rub with a little lemon juice powder.  We like more pepper than most SPG rubs call for.  I also added a little onion powder to the mix.  This stuff is really pretty good if I do say so myself.   This is the mix:  There is 2/3 cup of table grind black pepper, 1/3 cup of table salt, 3 tablespoons of garlic powder, 2 tablespoons of onion powder and 2 packets of lemon powder.  I do need to back off of the lemon powder just a little.  I am also going to do this in a course version for the smoker and grill.

Thanks Mike. I'll have to try that recipe. Where do you get lemon powder? As I've mentioned I use the Casa mostly on fish It doesn't hide the flavor on fish like flounder or grouper. I also still have a almost-full bag of Oak Ridge SPOGOS, which is really good too. It is definitely spicier than the Casa. According to the label, it has salt, pepper, onion, garlic, leeks, mushrooms, chiles, and smoked paprika. My stock of Oak Ridge stuff is rapidly dwindling. It's a shame.

Jay:  The lemon powder is called Real Lemon crystalized lemon.  This is usually found along with the real lemon lemon juice.  The packets are in a box, and 1 packet is equal to 1 lemon wedge.  They also make a lime and an orange.  I may need to do some thinking about adding the orange to the turkey rub I use.  I really like a slight orange flavor with turkey.

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