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Congrat Smokin on a couple of calls
Those dang Wade's (Blazen BBQ) always get in the way for me too.

1 Stonebridge BBQ
2 Buffalo BBQ
3 Feeding Frenzy
4 Smokedelics
5 Tofu Assins
6 Greazzy Fender
7 Air Products
8 Pink Flamings
9 Walke Bros Meat Co
10 Blazen BBQ

1 Smokin Lions
2 Jeff Hughes
3 Double E Ranch
4 Blazen BBQ
5 Rib Wurx
6 Three Crosses BBQ
7 Smokin Okies
8 L & M
9 Buffalo BBQ
10 Bad to the Bone

1 Sue B Que
2 It Ain't Prime
3 Stonebridge BBQ
4 Sa-Mokin
5 Three Crosses BBQ
6 Smokin Okies
7 Potentially Hazarderous
8 Pink Flamingo
9 Hog Tide BBQ
10 Crazy Curly

1 It Ain't Prime
2 Buffalo BBQ
3 Ring of Fire
4 Three Crosses BBQ
5 Blazen BBQ
6 SMokin Okies
7 Cosmic Cookers
8 L & M
9 Smokin Lions
10 Greazzy Fender

1 Potentially Hazarderous, (perfect score of 180)
2 Buffalo BBQ
3 Chuckwagon BBQ

GC, Buffalos BBQ
Res, Blazen BBQ

Congrats to all that got calls.
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Hey Mike,

Yeah, 3rd place right below RGC is me. Guess that makes me top of the "almost" won's. That's the first time in a long time I got good calls in Pork and Brisket at the same contest.

Big Grin

Chicken's normally my best, but got worst chicken score in 3 years.

Good time, tired, hard contest to do by myself.

Sorry I missed you David but I was so tired, if I hung out and had a beer, I probably never would of made it home. I did wave as I passed you on the highway.

Good contest, lot of good cooks there, fun to score well again.

I'll be at Remington Park on 6/2.

Mike you competing this year anywhere? Maybe come up in Sept to Bricktown.

I have been heading East and West, I am slowly making my way up north, Probably be at Traders Village (Dallas) in Oct for the IBCA Invitational.

Might even show up at the Royal too.

Mostly cooking around here just breaking in the new pit, she is doing just fine in her 4 cooks so far,... she has already paid for herself in winnings this year,... so time to venture out, I mean up.

When is Bricktown ??? Hope it is not Labor Day.
Thanks Craig,

Maybe I can join you GC club some time this year. Man I was close on this one. Nope, no 300. I decided it would take up the whole back 1/2 of the trailer and I like having the two choices for temps.

Mike, it's in September. Good payouts last year and had 40+ teams for a first year contest.

09/07 - 09/08
Oklahoma City, OK
State Championship Bricktown BBQ Charity Championship
Contact: Murry Wade, 10413 Hallmark Circle, Oklahoma City, OK 73139
Phone: 405-684-5899 Fax: 405-692-0989

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