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Fast Eddy just told me that Rod Gray and his Pellet Envy team won Grand Champion prize at the "Heatin' Up the Bay" contest in Las Vegas, November 2003. Rod uses two FE100's.

We are working on a plan to recognize pelletheads on a more official basis -- it would go faster if Stuart and I could be cloned.

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Thnx for the props Donna. It was a very fun win and a huge surprise. We have had some great success our first two years cooking and most of it we owe to our FE's. Consistency will get you far in competition barbecue and you won't find a more consistent cooker.

Tom, great to meet you in Vegas. Thnx for the trailer comment. We really enjoy cooker in it. Hope you're enjoying your new FE!


P.S. - The FE also got us a 13th in ribs in Vegas. Awesome pit!

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