Wondering if someone can tell me if this is normal? Checking the top of the CS SM020 is can see the connectors for the controller. The white one is set into the top of the smoker while the yellow one is sticking up on about 6 inches of wire. Is this how it should be? I checked the search function and came up with nothing. Many thanks guys.

I won't be able to set it up for a couple of days since it's rained yesterday and today.
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Are you seeing these wires with the controller cover in place? I haven't seen any wires (other than pwr cord) protruding from my 020 since I unboxed it and put together. Gotta picture? I'm curious now... Sounds like some slack/extra length wiring easing back out from beneath the display/controller cover.

Call CS of course - the veterens don't have this model and the rookies aren't allowed to speculate. lol
Mine was that way. To me it looks like they didn't get the hole punched right for the connector to snap in all nice, so they just pigtailed out the wires and wrapped them in a wire loom to prevent chaffing. Nothing wrong that will affect performance. Just be good and careful not to let the smoker sit out in the rain. That top is not water proof and with a big hole under the control panel, the insulation could soak up a bit of moisture.
Thanks so much for the reply mate, I PM'd you a thank you as well. Mine's going on a covered patio, but the rain does get in, got a generic cover, it'll cover the top at least. Of course it's rained here my 2 days off, and this is a desert. Hoping to assemble and season Sunday or Monday. All the best me ole China!

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