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Does anybody know if the SM-066 controller can be put on a SM-045 smoker? I don't need the extra room of the SM-066 but would really like to have more features of the SM-066 controller.

I sent a message to Auber controllers to see if they had anything that would work on the 045 but since it's digital I may be out of luck.

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Auber says it will work but I will bypass the Cookshack controller, still trying to work it out, no hurry on this. Thank's for the reply.

Are you the same person that's on Smoking It forum? I called Steve in the middle of Dec. about a #3 but he said no stock until end of Jan. I came across the Cookshack SM-045 brand new for $600 so I bought it. Still want Wi-fi control if I can get it.

Well, I'd like to keep this CS forum alive, but a lot of the regulars from before the website change have disappeared along with their expertise and experience. Don't know why, but some of them (like andyj) peep in once in a while. I think the older population was heavily weighted towards comp cooks and/or actual restaurant cooks (like Smokin Okie). There must be a lot of people out there cooking on CS smokers, but the traffic has definitely slowed big time in the past 3 - 4 years. Saddens me a bit.

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