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I am not new to this just tend to read more than discuss things. I have been in India a while and seem to have lost my way on pork butt cooking time.I have an Amerique Smoker. I placed 4 butts in the smoker which I bought from Sams .Each butt weighed around 7 to 8 pounds ,temp was set at 225.I have a sunbeam probe in the large butt on the bottom rack and a maverick probe in the small butt top shelf (actually both racks are in the middle one above the other).All probes have been calibrated.


At 5 hours both probes are showing temp at 189. top of unit from door to half way to control box too hot too touch.(no the unit has not been dropped or damaged but there is a small smoke leak at left corner) wood 2.3 hickory and 2.4 apple. No wood fire nothing unusuall but my three years of notes suggest this reached an internal temp too quickly . So ,Smokin what do your decades of notes suggest.I admitt I am a bit out of practice as there is not much Q in India and I would not suggest you order brisket.

Butts do look ready and when the door was opened they were sizzling .

As usuall what it can't be it normally is.Probes were to close to the bone(both) repositioned probe temp dropped by 8 degrees and all is well.

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