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Funny you posted this.

We LOVE this spice. I actually get in in the gallon size.

If you ever go to the store and pay a $1 for a pack of chili seasonings, don't, get this.

We make our normal chili, and we just add this "to taste". We don't follow the recipe. After you add it, let it cook for 15 min before you add more.

Did I say the family Loves this stuff?
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From growing up in Ok/Tx and being a comp cook,it suits us well.

I send the gals to my boys,the cattle operators in Ky,and they are "kings".

Probably best,if we don't tinker too much. Big Grin

CS used to send a small bottle out with a cooker,and never really promoted it.

It is from OK chili country,and really captures that taste.
I'd never say no,but this is very much a chili mix.

Remember,CS ships to retaurant clients all over the country and around the world.

Thus, the woods,dry sauces,dry rubs to supply their clients- that may not be able to find quality products .

They really aren't in the supply business,except to keep their cooker clients doing well.
Originally posted by redoakNC:Maybe I can post back with a thumbs up story after I try it.
UPS dropped off the Cookshack chili mix. Made first sample 1/2 sized batch simular to CS's recipe. Substituted pork saugage for some of the chopped beef, pickeled jalapenos for the canned chilies, and a touch of sugar to balance. Turned out perfect with good balanced chili flavor.

I going to toss out the long winded chili recipe I've been using. Perfect mid-week "what's for supper?" fix. Takes less than 30 minutes. Just enough time for some mexican corn bread to bake up...

Two thumbs up!

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