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Long term forum followers will certainly remember "Big Daddy'Groetzma ?He took a couple of CS 260 s and cooked around the clock and year with them-outside.

He would do the State fair and ask any of us that would come cook with him the two weeks,he would take us on a great deep sea fishing trip.

He talked of -40º all night cooks when the grease drains would freeze into grease to the ground.Never bother a CS. Big Grin

His brother cooks in Chicago and his family lives about 10 miles south of me ,by our local contest.

Guy's Triple Ds on the Food channel ,a couple nights ago,featured Dale and his retaurant.

Great show ,if you get a chance to see it.

He organized the first/only KCBS state championship there and a bunch of members hauled their rigs up there to make it a qualifier.
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A little side note about Guy.
When foodtv had the national vote for the "next network star",we all knew him as his KCBS cookteam Motley Q.

Your computer could vote once a day for the half dozen different finalists.Needless to say we had the perfect tool. Big Grin

The bbq cooks all backed Guy and see where that has led.He is a good friend of our forum's own drbbq and has him on several shows.

Truth be known,he wasn't a great bbq cook. WinkHe was always sideways trying to be involved with starting restaurants,

Watch him try to find a way to compliment a boiled brisket,or shoulder. Roll Eyes
He does try to get cooks' restaurants on all he can ,though.
I saw the show last night, and everything Big Daddy produced looked really good. The most impressive thing...his brisket IMHO. He used the KISS method. Rub and smoker only. When he was slicing his brisket, I couldn't believe how incredibly juicy it was. As he sliced the brisket, juices flowed over the knife and onto the cutting board. Beautiful.

Seems like I've got work to do as mine don't turn out as moist as his. He started with a CAB brisket, so having good ingredients is important as we've heard.
I too was happy with my last brisket, but it also didn't look as good as Big Daddy's. I watched that portion of yesterday's episode a second and third time to make sure I saw what I thought I saw. You said it...very juicy and rich color.

Just when I think I'm getting pretty good at this Qing, something like this makes me think I've been daydreaming.

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