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I had the day off so I wanted to have a smoke-a-thon.
Since everyone has corned beef on sale I picked up a small flat and soaked it in cold water for about 45-50 minutes, changing it once.

Then it trimmed it up nice

Put it in the freezer for an hour to firm it up for slicing.

Then sliced it on the same setting I use for thick sliced bacon

Put it on frog mats and into the FEC, I sprinkled a little Butchers honey rub and fresh ground black pepper on it and smoked it with a blend of maple, apple and hickory pellets, I also put the 12" AMNPS tube in the fire box for a little extra smoke. I set the FEC at 160º

After an hour and a half I flipped the pieces and let it go some more
(ready to flip)

I checked it again at the 3 hour mark and it was just right.

FEC temp chart

It doesn't get much simpler than that, or cheaper for that matter. The next time I will either soak it longer of just add some brown sugar and black pepper, I didn't realize that honey rub had that much salt in it.

It wasn't overly salty, it was at the level of a high mountain kit or so. I was shooting for a tad less but everyone liked it and wants me to make more.
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