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Picked up a small 4.5lb standing rib roast from Costco. Have never ever done one before. Hoping its good! Going to use Stuart's method with roseamry, garlic, etc.

My questions are more on the preparation/serving of the "prime" rib once its cooked. Currently it has the bones in, and I plan on leaving it that way. How do I pace this thing in the smoker? With the bones on the top? The bottom? The side? I'm assuming bones/fat side on top but not sure.

Once its done and ready for serving, how do you slice it? I'm just assuming you cut thick slices off it and serve....should I be removing the rib bones before serving or does it really matter?

Do you guys prepare some au jus as well or gravy to accompany this? What are some nice sides for prime rib? Was thinking about some baby roasted potatoes with dill. Maybe some kind of grilled veggies as grilled peppers, tomatoes, asparagus combo.

Thanks for any thoughts. doing the rub at noon today, will start cooking around noon tomorrow
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A search in the 'find' section of the Forum will get you a lot of info regarding 'prime rib' (or standing rib) roasts. In a conventional oven, the ribs are placed down to form a natural rack on which to set the meat. No need in the CS, other than to not ugly up the top/fat cap of the roast.

To serve, "I" cut the ribs away from the meat, and am left with, in essence, a huge rib eye roast, that I slice THIN (mostly because of the price of the stuff) and serve. We figure this roast to be a special occasion type meal, and being from the midwest accompanied by mashed potatoes, salad and a green vege.

What you won't get is the brown, crackly exterior that would come from a blast of high heat (which you certainly can do at 500* in your house oven for 10-15 minutes, prior to slow cooking in the CS...hint, hint).

Also, all your 'jus' is going to drip off and not be captured. So, no gravy, jus, etc. But, the low/slow heat will keep your roast really juicy inside, and consider the initial blast, though, I think you'll like it. And, I, personally, would go light on the wood smoke. Just my 2 centavos.

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