So I was able to get a SM150 for $50. Could’ve got it for free as it was listed going to curb but I offered the sellers $50 to hold it for me and I picked it up after work 30 minutes ago. 

Manufactured in 2003. Control panel powers on but I didn’t attempt anything as it’s late and once I get started I won’t be able to stop. The seller said they believe something is wrong with the thermostat. 

Whats the best way to troubleshoot the unit  to make sure I diagnose the problem correctly and any other potential issues before using?

thanks in advance for any help advice. 


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Sweet. Hopefully Monday. 

The owner emailed me a little more about the smoker.  A friend of theirs gave it to them before he passed away of leukemia. He used it in his restaurant 

when they turn it on, no matter what temperature they set it at, it gets really hot. Hopefully it’s a simple enough fix. 

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