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Put three butts on my electric smoker last night at 9:30 PM, set the temperature to 210, verified the smoke about thirty minutes later, then went to bed.
Went out at 8AM to check on them and got an internal temp reading of 92 degrees. Temperature at the air vent backs up the thermometer. I either popped a breaker or the GFI, haven't finished trouble shooting.
My question, obviously, is what about the meat?
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Unit was still getting power but not heating. Opened it up and it did not smell happy so I did the safe thing and tossed 'em.
I am cooking with a smokin tex model; their customer service is closed and they don't list parts. Found this in a q and a:

How do you know if it's the heating element that is out or if it's the thermostat?
You can run a simple test. Take the back of the smoker off, take the two wires off of the thermostat and put them together with a paperclip. If the paperclip heats up then it's the thermostat that needs replacing and if the paperclip does not then it's the heating element that needs replacing.

My paper clip did not heat up, so according to this it is the heating element. After the test I turned the unit off with the power still connected and gave myself a good shock trying to remove the paper clip from the wire. Any of this ring true?
if you replace the t/stat with clip the element should get hot(not the clip) if element gets hot then t/stat is bad--- if element does not get hot it's the element which is bad(forget using the clip just hook both wires together)ALSO RULE #1 REMOVE POWER BEFORE DOING ANY REPAIRS(like now you need to be told lol)--------switches are on the ground side of circuits because of the voltage drop there is less amperage flowing thru switch which means altho the switch is off there is still voltage at the t/stat which is an automatic switch
I don't know about your problem but that has got to be some of the worst diagnostic advice I have ever heard! "Take electric wires and touch them to a paper clip" Ha Ha! Did they say to make sure to not be standing in a pool of water?

Just messin with you, but that does sound unusual for a manufacturer to suggest such a thing.

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