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Becky P:

I think there needs to be some clarification of the rules. I do not tweet, but have been on this forum for awhile. I do visit facebook, and wish that you could "friend" Cookshack so that it would come up without searching for it. This is all very confusing. Today I went to the Cookshack forum looking for the results of yeasterdays contest, and wanting to enter todays contest. I didn't learn much there, so I went to Facebook, did a search, and finally saw a message about having to tweet or twitter to enter todays contest. Can we get some simplification of rules, and if possible some sort of sticky or what ever on this forum so that we know which of these forum messages we need to answer to enter the contest?
You all are so smart...Today is your day. I will start a new thread announcing what you can win today!

Simplified Rules:
3 places to post to win prizes
1. Facebook click "like" us and then a post under the announcement of the item being given away
2. Twitter:
Tweet...just a comment to Cookshack about wining that day--also we would love you to "retweet" our prize that day if you are Twitter Savvy!
3. Forum:
Just send us a message on the thread of that days giveaway.

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