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So, been about 5 weeks, the floor of the deck has been completed (today) and I'm moving my BBQ items to the deck. Still have some work being done (pergola's, gazebo, railings, stairs, etc)

Probably be this weekend for photos and what I'm actually putting on the deck.

Have to get some items from my trailer before I can take photos.

Thanks for the help with the deck, I've added a stereo, 3 pairs of speakers and some other electronics.

Oh, I know I'm not saying much, I want the photos to show it, but it IS 3700' sq ft of deck Big Grin

Photos to follow.
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Originally posted by SmokinOkie:
Hope to post pictures soon, i want to get working on my portion of the deck. With my new tools.


OK Russ,

Just for accountability sake, we want to see a photo of your hands for a count of your fingers/thumbs before and after shot you start playing with your new tools. Roll Eyes

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