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I am a new owner of a used SMO25 smoker that is in real need of a deep cleaning. When the last time (if ever) the smoker was cleaned is unknown.  I've read the Owner's Manual, the cleaning procedure does not provide much information.

Would like to the recommended cleaning compounds/materials to use, and the chemicals/compounds NOT to use.

Tips and suggestions for this newby welcome!! 

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I have not let my SM066 get to that point, but I think you should first start with a non-scratch hard plastic paint scraper and get off whatever stuff you can from the smoker box. I guess then I would maybe heat up the smoker (only to 100F or so) and try a damp/wet coarse rag (like terry cloth) to see what else you can get off. I would not use any oven cleaner-like product, but some grill makers, like Weber, sell a cleaning compound that doesn't cause your cooker to retain those noxious chemicals.

If your cooking grates are chrome rather than stainless, your scrubbing options are limited to preserve the plating. If they are really bad, you might want to spring for the SS grates. They are pricey, but you'll never have to worry about the surface finish again.

CS customer service may have other advice, they are really good. If you're new to smoking, understand that the smoker will never be really "clean" - it will have a burned-in layer of smoke and grease that will actually enhance your product, and can be minimized when necessary by wiping with a damp rag after each smoke. I myself clean my cooking grates after every smoke, but that's just me.

Good luck, and please report back on what does/doesn't work.

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I had to do a thorough 'stripping' of my 066 a few years ago.  Rodents up through the drip hole set up housekeeping. While scraping etc like Jay suggested is pretty much the norm, I needed to take it back to naked steel:  hair, droppings, urine, it was a mess.  I scraped, then heated it up and easy off the full interior.   I keep the racks clean so there was really nothing glued to them but they too got a thorough scrubbing.  Them little buggers had scurried everywhere inside.

Looked good when finished and I rinsed the entire interior with vinegar. Re-seasoned and made a plug for the hole when not in use.  No more problems and no damage.  It looks wonderfully used inside again and smells great.  And like Jay,  I heartily recommend the stainless steel racks.

The racks spent the night with Dawn dish soap. Was happy to see that they were stainless. The smoker interior was cleaned with Dawn and a bit of elbow grease. Not sparkly, shiny like new, but if it makes the sausage taste better, I'll be happy.
After cleaning and rinse, inside surfaces were wiped down with vinegar.
Am doing a "season" burn at 275℉ now.


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