When I upgraded from my little SM020 to an FEC100, I never thought I'd fill it up. Well, I actually ran out of room. Cooking for my daughter's 30th B-Day party. She flew in from Phoenix to Chicago to celebrate with family & friends. Pulled pork with ‪#‎porkmafia‬ Memphis Mud rub is already out. Pepper Porter Beef with Peppered Cow rub, Cochinita Pibil, Goat with Greek seasoning and two 5lb. coils of Italian sausage and pit beans.

5lbs. of Moinks and a boat load of Turds still need to go on. Plus a bunch of sides that people are bringing.

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How many are coming? You could feed an army and more food is on the way! I bought extra SS racks (mainly for jerky) that help on such occasions.
Andy, what cut of goat did you use? I have been thinking of doing a whole saddle (one side) if I can find a source. Thanks.
Ended up with about 30-35 people. Not very many leftovers. Mostly sausage, which ended up being 10lb. coils not 5lb. like I originally thought and some pulled pork. Jay, these were just random chunks I got at the local Mexican market. Coated with some olive oil and gave them a good coat of Pags Greek seasoning. I like it better than Cavander's. Then just cooked and pulled.

Thanks Andy. I think I can find some goat like that, and it would be great on tacos or quesadillas. How long did you have to cook it to get it pullable?
Big Grin Just picked up some delicious looking lamb chops for me and mom. Olive oil and a good dose of the Greek seasoning. On the grill though. Mmmmmmmm.

The feast looks awesom Andy.

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