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I'm looking to buy a used FEC. One is 4 years old, one is 3 years old and one is 1 year old, all have the IQ4 controller. Prices are close to each other the only issue is the location. Are there model differences that I should know between each year. The one that's 4 years old looks to have a smaller hopper.
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I would make sure the older ones are cheaper, they're probably been used more.

The slight variances would be where the pellet chute it (doesn't make a difference) and there were some changes on temp probe and ignitor, all not really an issue for what you're asking.

Look at them inside and out. Look for a bad rubber gasket (if there was a fire it usually shows up in a broken/bad rubber seal around the door.

Check the fan(s) and make sure they're working.

IF it was me, and the prices are the same and they don't want to come down, buy the newer one.

No issue with the size of the pellet hopper, even the older ones would run a LONG time on a full hopper (unless you're running at 400 and then they burn a lot)
I have more info on one of the FEC's. It's a 2005 upgraded with an IQ4 controller in the summer of 2008. The 2005 FEC100 uses an auger and does not have the newer pellet shoot.

There is only a $300 difference between this one and ones that are a few years old. Does anyone have an opinion that could steer me in the right direction.

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