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Just a quick question for anyone out there. I did 4 pork butts on my brand spanking new Amerique.

It's been 11 hours at 225 degrees and the internal temperature seems to have reached a plateau of 187 degrees. I decided to mop them with some east carolina sauce and noticed an excellent bark and the bones seemed loose enough to pull out.

My question is, should I continue to cook and perhaps bump the temp up to 250 until internal reaches 195-200, or should I go by the loose bone check?

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated...

TW's Smokin in Hampton!
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Patience Grasshopper! Smiler

Moments later the mighty Amerique answered my query by doing its magic..the temperature slowly started to climb and in a little over an hour I was at 195. I probed it and got an average temp of 197 and it butter!

I love this thing? Just put six slabs of ribs in and I have two 14lb packer briskets going in about midnight. Got a big party at 4pm tomorrow am I allowing enough time(15 hours at 225)?

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