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Most folks who want to use the pork butt drippings in beans place the beans on the rack directly under the butt and let them drip directly into the beans. Using what has fallen out the bottom of the smoker into the drip pan isn't such a good idea. The drippings will have fallen below the food safety point of 140 degrees and could harbor bacteria.
Originally posted by kosy1993:

What do you use the dripping for? Sauce, re-wetting, bean, etc?

We mix it with barbecue sauce, put it in beans, drizzle it over the meat, use it in soups ... pretty much anything you would do with a stock.
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Originally posted by mr jig:
My mentor smoked all roasts and whole fowl over a drip pan one or 2 levels down in the 50.
"Vhy"he asked, "vaste" the good drippings and dirty the bottom of the smoker for "nutting"?

Why indeed?

So true! Just be careful about the size of the pan. If you block the heat from the heating element with a big pan, the thermostat won't get an accurate reading, and it could affect the time it takes to cook the product.
I will use some to put flavor back into the meat once pulled.

I do Boil the dripping for 2-3 minutes, time starts once they start to boil. If you decide to do this use a high stockpot, as they will boil over fast once you turn your back, the high pot gives you added time to get to them before they boil over.

I have always been doing this with no ill effects.

Your mileage may vary.

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