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Have had the 009 for several years and love it.  One of my problems is the baby back ribs seem to always come out on the dry side.  I have been dry rubbing the night before and leaving them in the refrigerator over night.  The next morning there seem to be a lot of liquid in the pan.   Could this be part or all of the problem?


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The liquid is water from the meat being pulled out by the salt in your rub.  Try putting the rub on for only a couple of hours.

I usually put the rub on my ribs for an hour or so. I also do a 4-1 method where after 4 hours I put the ribs in a shallow pan and paint the ribs with butter, sprinkle on a little brown sugar (and maybe a little rub) and drizzle a little honey on them then cover the pan with foil. After another hour they are usually done, if not, I baste with the drippings in the pan and give it another 30 min or so. I also use Meatheads Memphis dust rub so I can keep the amount of salt down.

agree with @LonzinomakerCS...  apply your rub while the smoker is coming up to temp

i typically do the same thing as Lonzino during the last hour or 2 but wrap in butcher paper as opposed to a pan with foil.  i feel this retains the moisture but lets things breathe as not to boil the ribs.  gives me tenderness but still a bit of tug required to gnaw the meat off the bone.

do a few racks at once do each of them a little different.  experiment and see what you like best.

I put the rub on my loinbacks 30 mins. before putting them in the cold smoker (SM066). I always (now) cook at 225 until the toothpick test works (no sauce, no baste, no wrap), which can be anywhere from 5 1/2 to 6 1/2 hours, depending on the size of the rack, and I always start bone side down and flip and rotate them about halfway through. Always juicy and bite-off (not fall-off) the bones, with great bark. FTC if needed (or foiled in a 200F oven) for timing. I'm one of the weird ones who does not like BBQ sauce at all. I'll serve it to my guests on the side.

I haven’t encountered a problem with dryness with baby back ribs and I normally dry brine with kosher salt overnight, then apply my spice rub a few hours before smoking (mustard to help hold the rub on the ribs). Smoke at 225 until being done using the toothpick test. Then double wrap in foil and place in cooler lined with towels to rest until time to eat.

Interestingly enough, I find more liquid in the pan after the spice rub than after the dry brine with salt only.

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