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We are having a party New Years Eve and Im smoking meats for that. Yesterday I started marinating a almost 7 lb eye round in Dales Steak Seasoning. Today I put it in the 050 smoker with 3 oz cherry and 2 oz hickory. Set the dial at 250* and watched the temp. Pulled at 158* internal and took pics and wrapped in hi temp plastic, then foil. Let it cool a bit then put in fridge. Tomorrow Ill slice thin for samich meat. mmmmm those slices I cut for the pics sure were tasty with some horseradish sauce. Enjoy!!


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  • eye_done_see_steam_on_right_(800_x_600)
  • eye_sliced_to_show_(800_x_600)
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That looks great. I smoked one for Christmas eve. Marinaded in a black rum and chipotle pepper marinade overnight then smoked in my 050 using hickory at 225 degrees till it hit 120 degrees. Finished in a hight heat oven till it hit 130 degrees. Guest thought it was fabulous. Glad to see someone else trying the Eye of Round cut. When I bought it I wasn't sure how good it would be as a smoking meat, but I am very pleased with the way it turned out.
Thanks for all the comments. I would like to talk temp tho. My wife hates, cant eat, rare meat. I really dont care for bloody meat and prefer it warmer than 128. But this roast was for slicing, as in shaved type beef, like ham. I added 2 pics to the end of the slideshow. Why do I still have blood and the meat looks rarer than it should at 158*? The temp probe checks out fine temp-wise.

I don't know what you saw when you sliced it but on my I Mac i see only the
slightest rosy hue.
By the last 2 pics you posted i'd say WELL done which for round is dangerous.

If you personally prefer beef with some color and juice and your wife does not, perhaps you might cut the roast in half and pull yours at 125-30 leaving hers in to the 160? she prefers.
You could do that more efficiently by pulling both roasts at 125-30 and putting hers in a 350 oven which will bring it up quicker than than the CS.

I confess i find round acceptable only if very rare and thin sliced.
Bob -- Your pics look a "medium well" to me. I don't see any sign of blood and must agree with Jig on the rosy hue. My Mrs doesn't do anything bloody and I can only handle medium at best. but, as I always say, If you & the Mrs are happy that's all that matters.

Have you tested your therm in ice (32*) and boiling water (212*). Maybe it's off a tad...? Just a thought.
I guess I was raised to believe any red juice coming out of cooked meat was blood. This eye roast was cooked higher than I would normally cook it to, mainly cause I wanted thin slices for the shaved ham effect. People really liked the flavor and commented on it many times. Thanks again for all the comments and suggestions. It is only thru forums like this one, and open discussion that we can compare notes and learn from others. Smiler

Yep, rare meat here. I'd pull it out at 125, wrap it in foil and let it rise to wherever it will go....knowing I'm going to get rare. But like Tigerfan says...chocolate and vanilla.

Oh, and speaking of Smiler ...How about USC's Rose Bowl victory? Impressive you say...well, yes, you're right!!

Good luck Tigerfan with your match with the Buckeyes. I'm torn. I'd rather see you guys win, but if Ohio State won, and Illinois beat Ohio State, and we beat Illinois...well, you know.... :0)

And back to Eye of Round...I might even add some beef/chicken stock to the foil as it rests. Eye of round can get dry pretty easily.
Like Thousand Oakie said, a little beef stock will keep the Eye of round from drying out.
USC looked great, of course Booty is from my home town, and McKnight was a South LA super star! Sure wish LSU would have had both of them!!

Good luck on those Eye of rounds, real tasty.

Geaux Tigers!!

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