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I picked up an 8 pounder this afternoon to have for the Superbowl, and was shocked by the fat content.

4 oz serving

25g fat, 9g saturated
80 mg cholesterol
18g protein

Does the 25g fat reflect all of the skin and fatty tissue that either cooks off or is pulled off? The last time I smoked a picnic, the remaining meat seemed very lean.

I'm wondering if there's a lot of fat blended into the seemingly lean meat that finally reaches the sandwich.

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Im not sure 25 grams is terrible, A Whopper at burger king has 39 grams,similar to other burger chains even the "healthy" menu stuff like a chicken sandwich has almost 20 (17 I think) a regular hamburger is like 12 grams, and that is like a 2 ounce piece of meat, has to be less than a quarter pound,,,so,,,there must be about 24 grams in 4 ounces of hamberger,
What's the source of the data, I'm guessing it's a "generic" PB?

Are you REALLY trying to calculate the fat, etc for BBQ, I think you don't really want to know Smiler

You called it a Picnic, but was it a Pork Butt? You will have some challenges, but as Tom has said, cook it right and a lot of the fat will render. If you cut all the fat off, then you'll have some challenges with it drying out.

You also need to calculate the sauce & rub info into calories.
I'll give you a good (bad) example of high fat content.

I was strollin through the meat section at wally world,, came upon a cut of lamb, called lamb breast, looked like lamb ribs to me,haha

As I was unwrapping it to prepare to smoke it I noticed the label, it said clories per serving 480,,,calories from fat 450 !!!

I'll do the math for you,,,thats almost 94% pure fat, there wasnt 2 bites of meat on the whole thing,,,,what a waste,,,,ok Tom you can stop laughing now,,,haha

If I ever wanna make candles, I'll buy a "lamb breast". I believe, once its lit, a lamb breast will burn all night.
On the other hand... I tried the lamb ribs and while still a little more fatty than beef, we LOVED them. Rubbed with olive oil and garlic powder and let sit overnite to marinate. Light smoke with applewood. We have these once a month or so and they dont last very long on the table.

I know little more about lamb, other than I like it. I would guess that lamb breast is very different from lamb ribs. This lamb breast resembled salt pork or bacon with rib bones in it, very fatty.
It could be I was just unlucky and had a very bad piece of lamb breast.

Anybody else ever try lamb breast ?

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