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Well first,the cook has the most effect on the meat,whether a pit in the ground,or a flaming bonfire.

If it was 75* outside,zero wind,no chance of rain,each had unlimited pellets,I'd guess they would be a lot alike.We have cooked and won on a Traegar.

I certainly can't speak for those Traegars,but at comps,1,000 miles from home,in cold temps,heavy rain,high winds we put the big meats in the FEC after dinner ,set on low temps for smoke and drive to the motel.Cook temp seems to stay within +/- 4*,so saves a lot of fuel.

After several hrs,the FEC kicks up to about 240*,and cooks until we get there ,around breakfast time,and start getting the ribs ready to go on.

Works well for us.

I have a Traeger 070 at the house and a FEC100 at my restaurant. I added a digital thermostat 2 yrs ago as the smoke,med,hi settings it came with didn't cut it for me. I use the Traeger mainly as a smoker for briskets, pork butts and various cuts of turns out a great beer can bird.

While I can't speak to the Traeger 125/150, here's my take on the FEC100 vs the 070:

better smoke absorption with the FEC...the door is as tight as a drum. The hood on the Traeger leaks like a sieve, even after caulking it with hi heat silicon.

the FEC comes to temp a LOT faster and holds a steadier temp

the FEC uses less pellets...I'm guessing about 40%

I live in Vermont and both units are outdoors. Guess which one performs better on a cold day/night?

Hope that helps.
Yep,funny thing about the new IQ4 controller,especially for a restaurant-or volume user.

Eddy and Stuart didn't give much thought to the tight temp ranges saving so much fuel, so were pleasantly amazed about the 40% less usage,compared even to the FECs-much less than the uninsulated Traegar.

MaxQue,we are even seeing some nicer color on the big meats.

Could be,the lack of temp swings/spikes could cause less scorch on the sugars??You might give some thought with your background?

Take the gifts where ya find 'em.LOL

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