Hello all,
I've been running my BBQ restaurant for just over 5 years now and we've had our ups and our downs. I'm looking to change my smoker from the FEC500 to the SM360. I've decided to make the change mainly due to my kitchen space, I want to do more but I have no room due to the side of the FEC500' she's a big girl. I want to add a char broiler and a flat top so I can expand my menu and give my customers a much more broaden menu selection.

I'm looking for feedback on what to expect from the SM 360 over my fast eddy, I know the smoke ring will likely disappear, but I'm more concerned with the over all product. My customers have come to enjoy the bbq I'm serving and I don't want to rock the boat.

The pros I can see if a massive savings on wood cost, my FEC runs about 40lbs per day as it burns 24/7, so I'm burning about a pallet a month and I'd like to change that. I've also heard that I'll get a much more smokier flavour, I've never been totally satisfied with the level of smoke from my pellet smokers, not to say it's not there just I would like a heavier flavour of smoke.

Cons, havnt heard a lot other then technically it wouldn't be true wood burning bbq anymore but a smolder with electric heat. I'm more concerned with how the SM 360 will handle a full load as I often load my FEC 500 to full capacity.

Can anyone out there tell me what to expect, anyone tried bbq off both units and have anything to speak on its results?

Thanks in advance.
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