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You will find that it is much more tnan an "FEC Cooking Class",altho you will get some of that.

The class is typically current FEC cooks from comps,vending,caters,etc.

Altho you will have instructors about cooking different products,building comp boxes,etc,the class is interactive with a lot of activity among many folks experienced in all phases.They just happen to cook on FECs,as well as many other cookers.

You will be hands on building boxes and learning the newest tips from the circuit.

The notes you share and the questions you will have answered will become your FEC manual.

The friends you make and their contact info will become your consultants for life.

You will have top comp cooks-maybe even Smokin'Okie-talk about that world and the fact that they also know about FECs is a side benefit.

You will tour the plant and learn how to understand and work with CS.You may tour the Head Country plant,which is next door.

You will be fed great meals from the FECs and given enough products to pay for the course.

I'm sure there is much more I haven't touched on,but I've never heard of anyone disappointed,or not leaving excited.
ME!!!...ME!!!... I'm on the list for the class.

I want David to teach me how he does chicken breasts, unless he was just teasing me about it?

I'm hoping to cook a few comps next year and this is a must class for me. I've been told a few times that Eddy is one mean brisket cook and I know from experience that David has his share of perfect brisket scores.

I hope there is someone there that will know something about brining??
I will be there also. I am driving down from Omaha on Friday. I am not taking the KCBS CBJ complimentary class since I am already a CBJ but I will see all of you at the Welcome Dinner. Are all of you staying at the Comfort Inn? I can't wait to meet you all.

See you Friday,
Troy YoungBlood
Mossy,if you have the chance to take in the KCBS class, it could be worthwhile.

Many of us are Master CBJs and did it to help our cooking.
Their class is from them being dominant cooks and traveling the circuits all over the place.

Hopefully,it is how to score well in certain types of contests and tips from turnin to completion.
The classes have always been interactive,where you learn from each other-not a stand up lecturer.

Just a thought.
Totally agree with Tom on this taking the KCBS class AGAIN. After doing my certification, I went and helped out with Sonja's class a few months later. I think I understood and learned more just watching/helping her class, then I did taking my 1st class...oh well!

I'm hoping to finish up my Master's late this Spring, I need 8 more comps to judge and too cook.

I will be down sometime Friday and look forward to meeting everyone.
This E-mail from Christa Jones is all I've seen...................The Cooking Class will be on Saturday, Dec. 3rd starting at 8:00 AM. On Friday, Dec. 2nd there will be a complimentary KCBS Judging Class at 10:00
AM to 2:00 PM and a welcome dinner at 6:00 PM. We have a block of rooms
reserved at the Comfort Inn, 3101 N. 14th Street, Ponca City, OK 74604.
Their phone number is 580-765-2322 to call to make your reservation. Let
them know you are here for Fast Eddy's Championship Cooking Class to get the
discounted rate. All events will be held at New Creation Christian
Fellowship located at 1300 W. Grand Ave., Ponca City, OK 74601.

I did e'mail her about the finish time on Sat. and she replied,"around 5pm"
Tom and all,

The reason I am not taking the class is because I am already Certified BBQ Judge and a Certified Table Captain. This past year I have judged over 15 events and helped with two other classes. This way I can also take my time in getting down to Ponca City from Omaha. I am currently in Atlanta (12/1 @ 7:00) flying back to Omaha tonight then turning around and driving in the morning. I will see all of you at the dinner. You won't miss me, I will be in my camo and cowboy hat, thus the Camo Cowboys BBQ Team.
Review of Head BBQ: I am stuffed!
Thurs night is chicken night so not only did I get the meat sampler with 2 sides but I ended up also getting the 1/2 chicken.
Everything is done on a stick burner with pecan wood. Their rub is very similar to the one I make so I, obviously, liked it a lot.
Their hot BBQ sauce was my favorite (this place produces 65% of all the BBQ sauce sold in Oklahoma!!). I liked it so much I bought a bottle.
Meat in my order of fav to least:
Ribs - they were great (I normally don't eat ribs out as my FEC makes the best but these were really really good)
Brisket - small smoke ring but very nice
Chicken - great flavor just a little dry for me (could be due to sitting around for a bit?)
Sausage - read that these were different and they were but not bad (kinda looked like a smoked hotdog to me)
Ham - sorry but this has no place on a BBQ plate IMO unless it is in bacon formSmiler
Beans and slaw were nice too!
Oh and to top it all off I was able to score a cool Head BBQ t-shirt!
Cheers all,
I am in Ponca City... Drove around a bit to find everything pertinent to the weekend. I found all with ease. What time is everyone heading over to the hall? Give me a call if anyone wants to carpool or in my case "truck pool". My number is 402-740-9214. Can't wait to meet you all.
What a blast, besides meeting new friends, David and Eddy ran all the ink out of my pen with the note taking, oh well.

While this was called a comp class, I would sure recommend it to any backyarder or anyone wanting to eat some good food. The reception dinner was excellent.

Thanks to all that made this class possible!
I had a fantastic time and learned so much. The best part was getting to eat so much smoked meat in 2 days. The reception dinner Fri nite was out of this world!!!! David and Eddy do a great job in presentation and answering questions. It was so much to take in that I think I will attend another class to be able to comprehend it better. I highly recommend this clas to any one that wants better BBQ results. Fantastic group of people from top to bottom!!! Thanks Cookshack for a great weekend!!!
Great to meet you all - just made it back home to Canada - warmer hereSmiler
Enjoyed meeting people, learning, the food and the factory tour!
Thanks to all that helped out and made it a great event/class.
logger10 - yes happens every year - check the cookshack website for details (once updated).

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