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Hi guys,

I have a 2005 FEC100 and during an all night smoke I had the fire go out and the pellets keep feeding. After relighting everything was back to normal. The next week we fired it up again and the smoker heated up to 320 degrees when it was set at 180. After 45 minutes the temp settled to 220 degrees. About 8 hours later the fire went out and no pellets were being fed into the fire pot. Anybody think this could be a board or auger issue or both?

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if it's starting the fire, it's not the ignitor. It has nothing to do with keeping the fire lit.

Auger is fine, it's feeding pellets (overflowing, right?)

I'd check the fans. If the airflow gets interrupted, then no air is blowing to keep the fire going.

For the temp issue, was it fully cleaned out? Temp overshoot can / does happen, that's a little much, but I've seen that happen the higher the initial temp is set. For 180, I've not had it go more than a little over, maybe 30 or 40. But I watch it and dump heat. Remember it's trying to get to temp from a cold start so it's dumping pellets. That doesn't seem the case here, you didn't say it always overshot that much.
Smokin, on the first smoke the pellets kept feeding, but on the second smoke when the fire went out their was quite a few pellets in the hopped unburned (fire pot was about half full), but the auger had stopped.

I have pulled off the cover and the airflow fan is running and did not slow for the 30 minutes I watched it.

Maybe the probe is a problem and also maybe the auger froze up. I guess time to call cookshack and order a new one.
I have had a similar experience when I set mine to a higher temp (250) at lightoff. My 2006 unit has the old controller, so I set it to "smoke" and never shut the door until I see flames, not just smoke. I think the auger was pumping in too many pellets before the fire got lit well enough, therefore choking off the initial fire. No heat; auger runs even faster trying to get the heat up. pot was full of pellets.

Was the digital readout still lit when the auger shut down?
The digital readout was still lit. I ordered a new traeger switch, auger, and temp probe. We will see if these fix the problem. I will probably order the ignitor and fan next week then I will basically have all new hardware on the FEC. Then I will keep the old parts for backup.

Thanks for the help guys.

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