I've read several posts re: the addition of vent pipes and caps (some really sweet looking, btw). Some are ordering these mods for a newly ordered smoker. Are they trully needed? Is there a design flaw with the FEC100 or are these mods only needed in certain windy situations and others simply like the look?

Also, for long life of the smoker, how important is storage that's out of the elements? Live in KC where we see it all. Is the cover good enough?

Thanks for the insight.
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Nope, no design flaw, I think some people just want to direct the flow of smoke. My caution is that it wasn't designed with vents and the airflow WILL change if you add a vent and change as we know isn't always good.

Vents are not required and I only have a vent cap on mine to keep the wind from blowing in as it's so windy in Oklahoma.

I leave two outside all year and all they have is the cover.

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I had an issue 2nd time I used my cooker.
Set up at contest so vent was on downwind side. Just after I pulled my meat, thunderstorm blew through, wind shifted 180 degrees with strong gusts. The wind was blowing straight into vent, and blew the fire up into my pellet storage box. Luckily I caught it while still smoldering with no damage. But if FEC had been unattended, would have burnt up.
I suggest putting an elbow on vent when there may be a strong wind event.

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