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LOL!, take a deep breath Joe, inhale, exhale slowly now. Roll Eyes

It's just like when you got your FEC, a little boy in a candy store feeling.

I would foil the drip slide and refoil as necessary. The settings is something to tinker with after you've cooked a few times, Nordy had a guide somewhere around here? LINK

I personally start my grill like I do the FEC, with a handful of pellets in the fire pot, prolly not necessary.

Whatcha cooking first, maybe some hamburgers?
Congrats! If I could go bact to new, I would foil the warming drawer. It gets crud and grease that falls into it over time. You won't have to replace that very often but it will keep it nice.

You will definetly have to adjust your L/H. I used Nordy's guide in the beginning. Now I fluctuate between 15/30 and 15/100. 15/30 is my go to for 200 to 225 smoking. And the 15/100 is my go to for 400 degree grill cooking. With minor adjustments from there.

Have fun, you're going to love it Joe.
FedEx showed up and I had the day off. Perfect! Well almost. I got it assembled and cleaned. I seasoned the grate. I went to Costco and bought Rib Eyes. I burned it in. I put the steaks on. And then the skies opened up! It was a massive thunderstorm! I was out there holding on to a 9 foot umbrella trying to keep from blowing away. I felt like the Priest in Caddyshack! Fortunately it was a quick cook (no time for indirect). The steaks were perfect. Being insulated, I was able to get the cover on fairly quickly. All in all, a good day!
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